Photo Album: Bill's Cessnas

 Ride 'em high! C150 N6579F. Here's looking at you

Ray Fleming, pictured above, was my flight instructor, showing me how -- in the old days -- pilot portraits were made.

Side-by-side (below), my C150 - N6579F, and the "family car," N79413.   Both of these airplanes took me many a mile.

Bill and 2 of his 'birds'

Which is classier? 6579F for a time served as a glider trainer for me too.  It weighed about the same as a Blanick, and I didn't need a whole lot of folks to get me launched.  Just take it up, cut the mixture... and sail.


Cessnas can go almost anywhere a jeep can!

Who says you can't take a plane on a fishing trip?  A co-worker and I flew down alongside the Pecos river one weekend to catch a few white bass that were running up the river and, learned how to catch alligator gar as well.

Ray Fleming, CFII Ray making a preflight inspection before a weekend hop.