Photo Album: 8NE



The following series of photos in this album is of me and my Smith (DSA-1) Mini-Plane, 8NE. I used to strap the camera to a wing strut and run a remote shutter release into the cockpit, attaching it to the throttle lever. As you will see from some of the photos that follow, this technique can lead to some exciting, out-of-the-ordinary photos.

For all you photographers out there, here's the technical info for the black and whites:


All photos (c) W. C. "Bill" Porter

Bill flying 8NE

The Smith, as you may know, is a kit plane.

While I've never had the desire to build one, I don't mind tinkering. The builder of 8NE did a superb job, and the paint was something to really be proud of.

8NE had no electric system for wieght and powerplant compartment size considerations. Hence propping by hand was the rule.

If you don't know, DSA-1 stands for "Damn Small Airplane - single seat."

Bill with his "toy."


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