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TIP #1

Mini-book covers...

Here's a great idea for you home crafters and mail artists out there.  Handmade book covers from corroplast in just a few, easy steps.

Cover corroplast postcard size panel with adhesive paper.Step 1.   Cut an 8 1/2" by 11" piece of adhesive backed art paper in half. Cover each of two, 5" by 7" corroplast cards with the paper.

Diagonal cuts at the two, outer corners of the paper will allow a smooth wrap.

Here you'll notice that we offset the paper from the left side of the corroplast to make the paper wrap over the right side of the card to coincide with top and bottom portions.




Front of paper covered card (left) shows quarter inch offset of paper.Step 2. Use the triangular cut paper scraps to reinforce your corners on the inside of the book cover.

As you can see in this photo, the paper has been offset on the long edges of the corroplast card, about a quarter of an inch. You can change this spacing to suit your own requirements.

The offset edges will be covered by the binding tape and will not be visible (see below).


Align corroplast cards side-by-side with a 1/2 inch space between them.Step 3. Cut a piece of cloth book tape (or colored duct tape) two inches longer than the height of the corroplast card.  In this example, we are using 5"x7" cards, so the tape is cut approx. 9 inches long.

Lay it sticky side up. Place your ruler over the tape, finding center length-wise.

Then position your two, covered cards flush with the ruler. Leave a 1/2" gap between the cards.  Once you have positioned the cards properly, firmly press then down onto the tape.  Cut a second piece of tape a little shorter than the vertical length of your book. Position it evenly and again connect the two corroplast cards. Take care to align the inside piece of tape (short piece) with the bottom (long) piece of tape. Press firmly into place.

Finished 5x7" mini, hard cover for handmade book.Step 4. Wrap the top and bottom ends of tape over the inside piece of tape. Smooth them and press out any air bubbles as you firmly press all pieces together.

You're done!  In less than 10 minutes you've created a handsome, hard cover for your next handmade book.




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