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TIP #2

Envelope Easel...

Just like it's big brother, the Artmate Watercolor Board, a 9"x12"  piece of corroplast makes an excellent easel for envelopes.If you're "in" to mail art (or maybe this will help get you started in the fun), here's something that will come in handy for you!

A 9" by 12" piece of corrogated plastic from Artmate™ that you can tape your envelopes to for painting on them.  As you can see in the photo, we've used masking tape to secure a greeting card sized envelope. Using three pieces of tape as we have here, also creates a nice "frame" area for the finished watercolor on the envelope. With a full-bleed along the top edge.

The envelope was positioned high on the plastic, with the gummed flap laid over the top of the easel to protect it from any moisture during the watercoloring session.

Another tip... keep plenty of these 9"x12" easels on hand with envelopes already attached.  That way, when an idea strikes, you can immediately start painting.

These 9"x12" corroplast easels can go anywhere! Take them along on an outing, keep one in your briefcase for drawing/writing as you travel, or keep a few in the car for other spur of the moment, artistic opportunities.



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