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In many, if not most instances, our "pay" for putting informative web sites online is feedback from you, the visitor. So it goes without saying that we love to hear from our visitors.

While we also attempt to answer each and every comment that we receive, we have found it necessary to limit responses to specific correspondences that literally require a response. Be assured that we will respond in nearly every instance.  However, our response(s) to you will be made in writing. And just so you'll know a few of the reasons why, please consider the following:

  • We are bombarded with hundreds, and sometimes thousands of emails each day (the record so far exceeds 22,000). As a result, we assume that you are bombarded with undesirable emails too. (We wouldn't wish this unfortunate phenomenon of the Internet off on anyone, either.)
  • Occasionally, we might overlook or accidentally purge an important message because of all the 'junk mail' received.
  • Typographical errors in the email addresses provided, all too frequently cause our responses to your electronic versions of correspondence to bounce. Wasting valuable time and you not receiving the response at all.
  • We actually prefer to receive your comments through the mail. So that we can route your correspondence to the appropriate person within our organization, for a well thought out, and accurate response. (Besides, it gives the U. S. Post Office employees something to do.)

As such, please make your comments and inquiries in writing to the following address:

P. O. Box 707
Olathe, Colorado 81425

If for some reason you're contacting us requires a response with greater expediency than allowed by normal mail service, please use the form below. However, remember that our response will be in letter form, delivered by the appropriate postal authority. 

Thank you for your understanding and, for visiting us today.

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