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For far too long I've procrastinated about making some improvements to the coyote hunting website.  The best of intentions sometimes get put off for any number of reasons. But, here's the latest...

  • Links have been Updated
  • We're downsizing the hunting supplies in our online store. Why? Because the really good stuff is being compromised and, our favorite suppliers have either gone out of business or something. So we're slowly removing most of the items previously offered in our Sporting Goods section of
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And there's some very good news that may be of interest to you varmint hunters...

After 5 years of selling our "How To Call Coyotes" instructional tape, it has proven itself to be the most useful item to any coyote hunter - newbie or otherwise - as a way to get started or to get back on track with your coyote calling. And, in 5 years, we've gone through alot of work on your behalf to be able to continue to sell my tape at the same ten dollar price as when I first began offering it. Hopefully, this won't have to change anytime soon.

So here's the deal:

  • Beginning right now (June 02, 2005) and while supplies last, we are going to GIVEAWAY our remaining coyote hunting inventory!
  • Buy one of my "How To Call Coyotes" instructional tapes and you're automatically registered in our monthly drawing.
  • Cover scent, camo face masks, hunting supply organizer boxes, are just a few of the items you could win. Retail values range from $9.95 to $25.00 on these items that we're giving away.
  • Plus! We are going to pay the shipping costs to send your prize to you if your name gets drawn.
  • Yes, you must purchase our tape to be eligible. But remember, the instructional cassette tape is still only $10.
  • Here's the how and where to order your copy...
  • View our list of winners...

Happy coyote calling!

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Last updated: 02Jun2005.