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COYOTE HUNTING: Useful Recordkeeping

I've been keeping records of my hunting and fishing trips for years.  Carrying a steno notepad with me whenever I'm out in the field.   Although it may seem like a waste of time to some, it's helped me analyze mistakes I've made, or winning combinations of conditions and, if nothing else, it helps keep the memory from forgetting important details.

Having a notebook along in the truck with me also affords having a place to write down a name and phone number.  Should I run across a rancher who should happen to invite me to hunt on his property. 

Thanks to Bill Poole for the idea to post my hunting results for the past couple of years here, to share with you.

YEAR Called In Misses Kills
1996 5 1 3
1997 27 2 8
1998 85 12 23
1999 18 3 12
2000 39 8 27

1998 - add 4 foxes called, 1 fox killed

As you might surmise from these numbers, if I don't have a clear shot, I let the dog go to be called back another time.  Instead of "ruining" the coyote --- by shooting at him just for the hell-of-it.

It's obvious to me too, that in 1999, I was working too hard, and not getting out coyote hunting enough!


Coyote Hunting

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