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When it comes to hunting coyotes, there is no limit when it comes to handyA good truck! items to have along with you on a long days hunt.   Like a good truck (4x4) for long treks into the back country.  A choke chain in your fanny-pack allows quick use of any nearby trees to skin coyotes from.  And alot more items that we'll cover at a later date.

Out here in the badlands of the Southwest, where scrub juniper and pinon pine are sometimes far and few between. There can be many an hour go by that you wish you could skin a coyote now, instead of it bouncing around and bleeding all over the back of your truck.

Photo of a portable skinning tree.I'm sure I must have seen something like this, somewhere in my life. I just couldn't tell you where. It's a portable skinning tree that you can take along with you.

I had a local welder build it for me out of 2" square metal tubing. The bottom horizontal piece is cut and drilled to fit into the receiver hitch. A loop or hook added onto the top end allows you to attach a fido choke chain for temporary use, as pictured here; or, a twin leg holding skinning gambrell.

I like this rig much better than other contraptions I've seen for doing the same job. One guy I ran across sometime back, had welded a piece of 1" tubing to a thumb-screw bracket which would then attach to the headache rack on his pickup. This hitch tree is much sturdier.

Any tree will work for skinning with a choke chain.
An inexpensive item to carry with you is a choke

chain.  If you have a tree handy, you can skin the
coyote at nearly any location.
Of course it goes without saying that a good, sharp skinning knife is essential.  But a tail "zipper" knife is another item that I wouldn't be without.  As essential an item as I think it is, many times it goes overlooked.  This little knife makes splitting the tail almost effortless.  Not splitting the tail after you've skinned a coyote, does not allow air to get into the cavity left behind by the tail bone.   Eventually, hair loss will occur from the pelt, ruining an otherwise fine fur.


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