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Great web site. I'm from central PA.and the coyote population is booming. A sportsman club in PA. called Mosquito Creek Sportsmen has the proclaimed largest coyote hunt in the United States. (They have a website too.) Thought I'd send a picture of a big boy I shot during Pennsylvania's bear season this year. It weighed  in at an even 50lbs. Shot him with a Rem.700 7mm mag. It got pretty ugly. I'll be back to check on your web site. Keep up the good work.

Gail W.


Rod Leach with his first coyote.First off, I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your website. I try to visit it several times a year to see if I can pick up on anything.  I’m pretty new at calling coyotes, so I’m trying to take in everything I can.

Here's a picture of the first coyote I called in. I got started by calling a few times last year with an electronic call, however I really didn’t enjoy. I sold the electronic caller and  purchased several mouth blown calls. I took this coyote 2 weeks ago this Friday night from a tree-stand. I called using a mouse squeaker and a tally ho. She ran right in to me and I shot her with my Ruger 77 243 at 40 yards. About 3 nights later I was lucky enough to bring in another coyote to the same stand and couldn’t get a shot. That’s what makes you want to go out again. I’m located in South Eastern South Dakota, but do most of my hunting in North Eastern Nebraska.

Thanks for providing a great resource.

Rod Leach

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I really appreciate all you guys sending in your photos and stories. Remember, if you'd like to submit a story and photo for inclusion here, send it to me in an email.
Chad poses with one of his functionally challenged coyotes.A frequent visitor to our website, Chad Byers sent several photos in to share with me (and our visitors).  Chad is from the Four Corners area and when not too busy with attending college, he coyote hunts.  He didn't give me alot of information to add about his hunting trip associated with these photos, but they were worth adding here.  Thanks, Chad, for sharing with us.Click to view full size in new window.




Here is a little story to go with the picture I sent you.

Photo of Dave K. with 3 coyotes in NMThese 3 coyotes were taken north of Mt. Taylor on some local ranches.  This was an afternoon hunt for 2.5 hours, 6 setups.   Four coyotes were called, three taken, one was a double.  On the double, both dogs came from downwind, by my vehicle.  One came on each side of the tree I was calling from.  I used a Remington 700 in .17 caliber with Hornady 25gr hollowpoint.   On this day I could not get any coyotes in on a cottontail distress and switched to a Sceery Jackrabbit and shot all 3 dogs, probably coincidence.

Hopefully I'll get you some more photo's soon.  Good luck hunting.

Dave Kamps
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Hello Bill,

Photograph of coyote with reddish coloring.Well I finally finished the film with the reddish coloured Yotie, and thought I would pass it along to you.  This was my friends first time hunting coyotes and, he had a great day , the snow is still on the ground here, but the deer are starting to feed on the bare places (it's now March).  It won't be long before the Yotie hunting will slacken off for me (have to save a few for next winter).   Have a good one - see ya ,



I have hunted coyotes for several years, and contrary to what I've read, I have had the best success calling at around 12 noon. I can't explain why this is, perhaps you could shed some light on this subject for me. I would also like to say that I enjoyed your web site. Your hunting techniques are very similar to the ones I use, and are very successful.

Daren's large coyotes near Wells, NV.
Here are some coyotes my friend and I killed near Wells Nevada. 
Dale`s coyotes.
My buddy Dale and a few of his coyotes taken.  (Right) Idaho grows some BIG coyotes!
Photo of large Idaho coyote.

Daren Long

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