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I recieve lots of email and occaisionally photos from visitors to the website -- sharing their coyote hunting experiences with me.  Long ago I thought it fitting that sharing these others' stories and photos here with our other visitors would be a nice touch and should be added.

If you have a good coyote hunting story, and have an appropriate photograph to accompany it, by all means, let me know.  I will edit to a certain extent -- not that my spelling or grammar is always perfect.  But we've got a few standards to uphold here.  I'd prefer that your photos be in JPG format, but GIF is fine also.   Photo files can be any sent as any size and I'll adjust them to fit content and to accomodate page layout or Browser loading considerations.  If you don't have access to a scanner, I can scan slides, negatives, and glossy photos up to 5x7" -- as long as you trust the mail to keep them safe during transit.  Add a couple bucks for postage and they'll be returned to you.

Full names should be submitted, but tell me if you'd prefer that your full name not be used.  Also, your email address will be associated with the photo and story, so that anyone with a question can contact you directly.


Click to view enlargement in new window.My name is Jon Young. Hunting in central Kansas I called this coyote in using a Circe 3-way combo call.   I shot him from 50yds out with my Bushmaster, using .223 55gr FMJ rounds.  He poked his head out of the grass on the first call and he gave me a clean look at his chest. The Bushmaster is by far my favorite weapon for coyotes, it is accurate at great distances with minimal bullet drop and very little recoil. I have enjoyed your website for some time now and you provide some great info for prospective coyote hunters.  Keep up the good work.

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Hi Bill,

Noel and his double!Have enjoyed your web site, here's a double I got last weekend in central Washington State. Called them in with mouth calls. After a couple of minutes of calling I scanned the sage in the valley below my set up. I spotted one running towards me 500 yards out, I watched him all the way in. Due to the drop off of the hill side I was on I lost sight of him about 200 yards out. I stuck a call in my mouth and shouldered my mini-14, I gave one more real short little blow on the call, he crested the hill a hundred yards out at full tilt. Best of all he was right in my scope! I didn't have to adjust at all. I let him come on in until he was completely filling my scope and squeezed off. He went down in a heap. As I stood up there was a female that was 10 yards behind him. I don't know where she came from because she wasn't with him when he was coming through the sage. She also was running in at full speed, and promptly did a 180 and started hooking them up. I got one quick shot off before she crested the hill, when she reappeared down at the bottom I dropped her, too. I stepped off 14 paces to the first one, 145 more down to the second.

Noel B.
Renton, WA


Click here to see enlargement of Keith's photo.I wanted to let you know how the coyote hunting has gone so far this year. I have no got to go as much as I would like, but ...

My first trip to the ranch was in mid-October. I called in 6 coyotes in the morning before it got too hot. I killed three (see photo). I should have spent more time at the range this summer! In mid-November I went back to the ranch after things cooled off a little. My first three stands produced two coyotes, one which was over 30 pounds!

Thanks for all the help you've provided on the website.  Good hunting!

Keith Rogers
Silver City, NM

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