Matt Miketa Matt's 1st Pike

Another fishin' buddie was with Tyler and I that July weekend at Narraguinnep. Matt (on the left) caught his first pike on a crank bait, ripping it through the weed beds at the north end of the lake. Matt wasn't too sure how to hold a fish that had so many teeth, and unfortunately for Matt, it was more than any of us could resist as he cautiously reached into the livewell to retrieve his catch for this photo. That somebody (see grinning guy on right) had to goose him and holler. If Matt would've had a hold of that pike, it would've been thrown many yards away. If the boat hadn't still been on the trailer, Matt would have ended up in the lake as well.

A little bit of my grin does come from the fine walleye that is going to be fried up for supper.

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