Another of my ol' fishing cronies, L.D. Clark. L.D. took me down to his fishing country, Lake Amistad, in Del Rio, TX. many times back in the 80's. This particular trip, the first one I made with L.D., turned out to be a very memorable time.

A northern had blown in during the night, dropping temperatures into the low 20's. Which for Del Rio, was very cold. I think we were about the only two out on the lake that day. And at first, I thought L.D. was crazy. We dropped the trolling motor off a windy point, about a 100 yds. from shore, and L.D. started throwing a top water bait. On the first cast, he had hooked up with a formidable stripped bass.

L.D. started cackling at me, and the startled look on my face. Since I'd been telling him about how I thought we should be fishing, based on things I'd read over the years, for the weather we were up against. His now famous line to me that day was: "Porter, these mexican bass don't read no books!" Obligingly, I tied on a top water bait too.

LD Clark - Lake Amistad 1981

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