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We sincerely hope that you've found our Los Lunas, New Mexico  site useful in either your travel/vacation planning or, just as part of your internet surfing experience. 

From Kathy's and my perspectives, having spent most of our lives in and around New Mexico, and comparing Los Lunas to other places we've been.  Los Lunas and Valencia County is just as attractive with qualities that make it unique, interesting, and inviting. 

No doubt that if you were to compare our small part of the State to other, more "exotic" cities around the U.S. -- like San Diego, California or Telluride, Colorado for example.  Those places would push Valencia County aside in the picturesque department.  But we live here and we're proud of it none-the-less.  I thought that it deserved a better representation on the internet, at least, than what I'd been able to find so far in my own web searching and surfing.   Without commercial clutter that is so prevalent and becoming more-so (in case nobody's noticed). 

If you would like to comment about our site, report a bad link, or to call to my attention any oversights or ommisions... please do so.   Comments from our visitors (good or bad) is what makes the time and effort involved in putting a site together worthwhile.  We try to promptly reply to all messages.

Now that this site has been started, you may want to add it to your list of favorite bookmarks.  For I know that we will add new photographs and pages in the future.  In hopes of making it even better.  Highlight the URL address:  www.wcp-nm.com/ll/ and use your browsers cut-and-paste feature to add it to your list.Click to START at the Index page.

Many thanks for visiting!

Bill Porter   

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For the latest news and events that are "happening" in Valencia County, visit The Valencia County News-Bulletin website.
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