Los Lunas, New Mexico


Los Lunas maintains an exciting wealth of civilized beauty as well.  People here, for the most part, take great pride in their homes and the property they reside on.  With many of the residents having been transplanted, like Kathy and I, from places other than Valencia County.  The landscaping one may find here is creative and varied.  Although southwestern is still the predominant style.Hispanic art forms in front of Los Lunas home.

If you happen to be visiting for any time at all. Merely driving around the area, venturing off the main roads, is inexpensive entertainment in itself.  Ranging from modern to historic  architecture, close-knit subdivisions to open acreage, and groomed to tamed to wildly artistic yards.  The viewer can get a broad sample of what Los Lunas is really made of. 

Where many might believe that Los Lunas, in the heart of central New Mexico, would be dry and desert-like.  The rich soil of the river valley grows lush foilage (and backyard gardens).  It's amazing too how many of its' residents enjoy ponding and waterscaping.  Andy Mumma, Los Lunas resident and owner of Albuquerque-based Sunrise Landscape Maintenance, Inc.; estimates that there are over 500 homes in the immediate area that have ponds to enjoy and to adorn their property.

One of four ponds at Andy Mumma's backyard. Where there's water, there's life.  Los Lunas is full of life and there's plenty of water to accent the homes of many living there.

This pond and waterfall, belonging to  landscape architect, Andy Mumma, feeds the stream and two ponds below it.  Complete with goldfish, Sunfish, largemouth bass, and Red-eared aquatic turtles.

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Brightly colored Spanish Broom enhances Los Lunas Home. Spanish Broom (above), highlights the entry gate.  A primitive bell with Hispanic mosaics and sculpture (photo on left) lend visual excitement to passersby at a Los Lunas home.

The summers are warm and the winters are mild around here.  The chili is hot, with some of the finest mexican food to be found anywhere, to savour.  Making Los Lunas a pleasant stop along your travel route, at any time of year.  Exploring the diversity of our area on your own is undoubtedly time well spent.  But for now, continue on with this virtual tour of Los Lunas and Valencia County, New Mexico.  Who knows?  You might find yourself too saying, "I could easily live there."

Don't Miss
  • One of the biggest rodeo events in the Southwest, the Baca Rodeo, is held at the Valencia County fairgrounds (north of Belen) February through April.
  • The third largest hot-air balloon event in the State of New Mexico is held each March.
  • More rodeo action June to October.
  • June brings monster trucks and mud bog competitions to Los Lunas.
  • The Valencia County Fair is held every August.
  • Annual benefit golf tournament held by the Los Lunas and Belen Chambers of Commerce.

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