Los Lunas, New Mexico


Los Lunas is rich in a diversity of history.  From the tribes and clans of the prehistoric Anasazi indians, to the Spanish explorers.  Besides the people who've left their marks here that are yet unknown, keeping archaeologists and citizens of New Mexico in wonderment.   (See Los Lunas Decalogue also see Lost Tribe or Hoax.)

Ancient petroglyphs at Los Lunas, New Mexico New Mexico as a whole is known for its many indian artifacts, ruins, and cliff dwellings.  Places such as Petroglyph National Monument (just west of Albuquerque); known for its own collection of petroglyphic art.  The Gila Cliff Dwellings (near Silver City), and Gran Quivera (about an hour drive southeast of Los Lunas)... just to name a few.

Petroglyphs are rather abundant in the Los Lunas area.  Although not all on public land for all to see.  Most sites are either on private land, or on the neighboring, Laguna Indian Reservation, to the west of town.  Several books available on the ancient tribes, and interpretation of petroglyphs of the United States, and particularly the Southwest, make mention of Los Lunas petroglyph sites.  Some of which hold rare, one-of-a-kind drawings. (Patterson, Alex; "A Field Guide To Rock Art Symbols Of the Greater Southwest," IBSN 1-55566-091-6.)

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