Los Lunas, New Mexico

(Isleta, New Mexico Pueblo, north Valencia County)


Catholicism has been and still is a strong influence in the Los Lunas, Valencia County, New Mexico area.   Many of the mission churches here, as well as in New Mexico overall date back to the late 1500's and early 1600's.  When Spanish priests introduced the pueblo indian inhabitants of the territory to formal worship.

Most notable to the Los Lunas area is St. Augustine, in Isleta Pueblo, six miles north of Los Lunas.  Visitors to the Los Lunas area can view these historic churches, learn about their backgrounds, and behold their beauty and mystery. 

St. Augustine

Under the original name of St. Anthony, this church was established in 1613.  It is one of the oldest mission churches in the United States.   In 1692, De Vargas found its ruins except for the nave of the church, twelve years after the Pueblo Indian Revolt.  The walls are original, upon which the church was rebuilt in 1716 and renamed St. Augustine.

St. Augustine mission church, Isleta Pueblo, NM

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