Los Lunas, New Mexico


San Clemente Parrish church at Los Lunas, NM
A photographers daytrip alone.  Old Churches!

There are at least seven, historic churches around the Los Lunas area, dating back to the 1600's.  The more modern (by historic standards) San Clemente Parish Catholic Church,  in Los Lunas, is displayed above.  Our Lady of Guadalupe (shown at right), is also one of the more recent ones.  Dating back only to 1879.   Although the earliest mention of Peralta has been found in Catholic documents dated 1835.  Located now on NM Highway 47 (Main St.) as you enter Peralta traveling east and north.  The church originally was, it is said by local historians, "..right on the Camino Real."


Our Lady of Guadalupe in Peralta, NM

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