Los Lunas, New Mexico


Tranquil sights abound in the Los Lunas area.   Whether you're driving down a residential street, or finding your way to a peaceful spot along the Rio Grande River.  Needless to say, we like it like that.

Los Lunas blackbird gets a drink. Another resident of the Los Lunas area takes a refreshing
pause near the river.

The Bosque near Los Lunas, NM a collage.

City park at Bosque Farms, NM A great place for a picnic.  Bosque Farms city park located behind the municipal buildings.  Tennis courts are also made available to the public on the property (not pictured).
Great Places To Eat!
If you're here visiting and want to stop and have a taste of the local fare, here's our suggestions:
  • Mi Chante (Best mexican food in Los Lunas! Open for lunch & dinner.)
  • Benny's (in Bosque Farms - try their Chicken Burrito with green chili and top if off with a real cherry milkshake!)
Los Lunas, Bosque Farms, Peralta, and Belen all have the usual, run-of-the-mill fast food places.  But if you're looking for something out of the ordinary, here's a few more options:  AJ's on Hwy. 314 (So.) serves probably the best Huevos Rancheros around.  Bull & Bush for steak, seafood, and alchoholic beverages.  Red Balloon Restuarant just east of the "Y" on Hwy. 47 (Main St.) is a very friendly, enjoyable place to dine.  A great steak & eggs breakfast can be had there too, inexpensively.

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