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Customizing a rubber stamp especially for the job you need to perform is easy. A few simple decisions and some preparation is basically all it takes.

When you're ready to get started, just give us a call. In the meantime, here's some useful information to assist you. . .

Getting Started

  • Will your rubber stamps consist of only text? or text mixed with a graphic? (Your company logo, for example.)
  • What type of stamp you want it to be? A handstamp or a self-inking type of rubber stamp.
  • How large should the impression area be?

We might mention here that rubber stamp images don't need to be as large as you might think. Of course there are exceptions. Here's a sample chart of the industry standard sizes for the MaxStamp line of self-inking rubber stamps (requires Adobe Reader). This is also useful to gauge with for layout of conventional handstamps as well.

Submitting Artwork

If your new rubber stamp will only be text based, you can simply write the information down and email it, fax it, or call us. (If faxing or emailing, please be sure to include all your contact information.)

Graphics, logos, or other artworks will require a little more effort.

Artwork, first of all, should be black and white (monochrome) line art. The very best rubber stamp reproductions will result if you can send the line art to us by mail, clean, flat (no folds or creases), and camera-ready. High resolution printers (such as a laser printer) are suitable for producing camera-ready artworks that make great rubber stamp images. There are no additional charges for scanning your artwork (or resizing it) for your rubber stamp images.

All lines should be sharp and unbroken, images should be smooth (no jaggies), and any shading should be induced by half-tone dot or line patterns, not as grayscale.

Digital File Formats: If you wish to submit your art digitally, please follow these guidelines:

  • Black & White monochrome images (no grayscale or RGB please).
  • Export your image at 200 to 600 dpi resolution.
  • Acceptable file formats include .tif, .gif, .bmp, .png, .wmf, .psd, .cdr (v.5 through v.10), .cmx, and .eps. If sending .cdr or .cmx, please be sure that you convert all text to curves. Please note: .jpg, .jpeg, and .pdf should be avoided, but they can be acceptable in some instances. Additional charges will apply for image cleanup when these three types of files are submitted. MS-Word (.doc) and Publisher (.pub) will not make good rubber stamps.
  • Please be sure to tell us what size the finished image should be, as some softwares will increase the dimensions of an image depending on resolution settings during export.

TIP: Signature stamps require your signature in black ink on clean, white paper. Use a rollerball type of pen for a crisp reproduction of your signature. If a bolder look is prefered, use a medium point marker, such as a "Flair." Avoid heavy markers such as "Sharpies."


TIP: Converting text to curves prior to exporting your graphic image means that your finished rubber stamp will look just like you designed it. Our having the exact same font is then not an issue.


TIP: Remove all extraneous white space from your graphic prior to exporting the image when you plan to send an electronic file to us. This can be accomplished in some softwares by pre-selecting only the image and instructing your software to only export the selection. Other graphic softwares may require you to reset the page size. If this is the case, make your page size one or two pixels larger than the image itself.


TIP: Avoid using lines or outlines in your electronic graphic files that are 'hairline' thickness (or less than 0.004" thick). This will avoid additional charges when making your rubber stamp, as the laser will try to cut these lines instead of merely engraving them. If your art incorporates these thin line sizes, send us camera-ready art instead of e-files.

TIP: You can also avoid a lot of frustration by allowing our graphic arts department to prepare the art for you. We have very reasonable rates (and a very picky boss!).

No job is too BIG or too small.
Most custom-made rubber stamp orders are filled within 24 hours!

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