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Custom-made rubber stampsWe have hundreds of designs that you may select from and personalize online. Plus, we can custom make rubber stamps to your specifications. Utilizing your logo or other art images.

Our premium quality rubber stamps are made from the highest quality rubber that is designed for laser engraving -- and yes, we laser engrave the rubber for the sharpest images and crisp impressions that will give you excellent service life from your rubber stamps, year-after-year.

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Rubber stamps are still, by far, the most economical way to mark items for any reason. While we specialize in manufacturing rubber stamps for uses around the home and office, there are many fun uses for rubber stamps too. No matter what the purpose of the stamp may be, high quality and producing an end product that will give you years of reliable service is of utmost importance to us.

Custom or Ready-made . . .

While ready-made (pre-designed) stamps may be suitable for most of your needs, you will find that many of our pre-designed stamps can also be personalized. Of course, if you don't see exactly what you're looking for in our online rubber stamp merchandise, please rest assured that a custom design can be made to your specification. Company logos or other graphics can be incorporated into the rubber stamp design.

Self-inking or Conventional Rubber Stamps?

Self-inking rubber stamps are by far the most convenient for many common tasks - in either home or office uses. Self-inking rubber stamps incorporate an ink pad in the stamp mechanism itself. From the standpoint of being a rubber stamp user ourselves, there's no better self-inking mechanism than MaxStamp, the brand of self-inking rubber stamps that we offer. The MaxStamp brand offers a smooth, quiet Slide-n-Glide™ mechanism, a soft rubber grip that feels great in your hand, and rubber feet.

We carry MaxStamps in 18 popular sizes and a full compliment of  replacement ink pads. Here's a sample chart of the industry standard sizes of the MaxStamp line of self-inking rubber stamps (requires Adobe Reader). Many of these can be personalized online.

Conventional rubber stamps, also called hand stamps, require the use of a separate ink pad. Allowing you flexibility to change ink colors as you wish. Conventional hand stamps can be mounted in a variety of ways too, depending on the task or personal preference. We offer four basic types of mounting rubber stamp dies:

Standard rubber stamp molding that is comfortable in your hand and that allows for very precise placement of the rubber stamp image is our default method of mounting your stamp die for everyday use. Standard molding is preferable when impression areas measure 1/4" to 2" in height.

Handle type mounts are used for round rubber stamps. This type of mount also includes a thick foam cushion and sizes typically range from 1/2" O.D. to 2" O.D.

Art mount molding in the shape of an hour-glass also offers precise placement of rubber stamp images and is often the preferred mount when using rubber stamps for scrapbooking projects, greeting cards, and other paper projects. Art mount rubber stamp molding can be used comfortably for impression areas 1/2" in height up to 4" in height. Art mount molding with laser engraved index of the mount incurs a slight upcharge to the price of custom-made rubber stamps.

For large rubber stamps that measure greater than 3" (image area) in height, Rocker Mounts are highly suggested. Rocker mounts roll the image on as you make the impression, allowing a more even impression and doesn't require the use of two hands. Rocker mounts employ a handle (not shown in the profile image). Rocker mounts are available for rubber stamp dies 3" in height and up to 8" in height, incurring a slight upcharge to the price of a custom rubber stamp.

All rubber stamp dies are deeply engraved at high resolution (600dpi) and closely cropped for smudge-free impressions. A thick foam cushion is also utilized on conventional mountings to improve the stamp impression.

Fast Turnaround! Rubber stamp orders normally ship same day when ordered prior to 2pm (Mountain time zone, Mon. - Fri.). Custom stamp orders usually ship within 24 hours.


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PRE-DESIGNED RUBBER STAMPS FOR HOME & OFFICE - A wide variety of marking devices for commonly required uses around the home or in business environments. Stamps are available in both conventional hand stamps and self-inking models.


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