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Custom-made rubber stampsJust like any other tool for the project at hand, using the right accessories for the tool is equally important. Rubber stamps and rubber stamp inks are no exception.

Depending upon the type of rubber stamp chosen for a particular marking "job," you will want to choose the correct ink as well.

Here is some information that we hope will be helpful to you, concerning rubber stamp inks...

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All Inks Are Not Created Equal

Rubber stamps at their basic level -- known as hand stamps, or stamps that require a separate ink pad -- are the most versatile when it comes to choosing 'the right tool for the job.' The same rubber stamp is capable then of using one type of ink today, and a different type of ink tomorrow for a totally different purpose.

Self-inking types of rubber stamps, and many similar types of stamps, such as pre-inked stamps for example, are designed (and so is their associated types of ink) for use with any standard paper. Like plain paper used in copiers, for writing on (bond paper), envelopes, etc. that are porous by nature. Change the type of paper that you're going to apply a rubber stamp impression on and you're going to need to change the type of ink you use.

Photographers & Philatelists . . .

Because we cater to two special types of rubber stamp users and because both of these particular types of users work with special types of papers -- namely coated, non-porous papers.  We also carry the special types of ink that are most suitable for use with these specialty papers.

Namely, photographic papers that are resin coated (RC types) and/or aqueous coated papers. Philatelic users (stamp collectors) for instance, are finding more and more postage stamps that are manufactured today that incorporate a variety of non-porous coatings and as such will not accept common types of inks.

Scrapbooking enthusiasts who apply rubber stamp impressions to their works may find that a water-based, pigment type ink pad is sufficient for most applications.

However, a photographer or philatelist may find that these types of inks will work to a certain extent with a coated, or even a highly calendered paper surface (super glossy types of paper). But ink drying times or the intensity of the ink color may not be satisfactory. Other problems may be that certain inks can easily be wiped off a coated paper even after the ink is sufficiently dried. Both water-based and most oil-based rubber stamp inks will not work on coated types of paper.

Self-inking or Conventional Rubber Stamps?

Self-inking rubber stamps are by far the most finicky when it comes to types of inks that can be used. As before, this is because they were designed to work with common, everyday plain paper.

Photographers, philatelic enthusiasts, or almost anyone using conventional rubber stamps (hand stamps), will find several ink solutions on our web site. For your convenience, click here to view a listing of these inks. Presently, we offer the StazOn brand of ink pad and refills. StazOn is, in our opinion, a wonderful ink for virtually any application where fast drying times and permanence are required. Even though StazOn is a solvent based ink, it can be safely used with any project where archival qualities are a concern.

For rubber stamp users who want the convenience of a self-inking rubber stamp with the same fast drying times, and other permanent ink qualities. But you don't want to be forced to carry around one or more separate ink pads. Again, StazOn ink is the option you will want to employ.

Simply add to your purchase a dry ink pad to fit your particular size of self-inking rubber stamp, and a small bottle of StazOn ink to replace the standard ink pad normally supplied. It's just that simple.

If you are contemplating a self-inking rubber stamp purchase now, you may add the bottle of ink to your purchase and instruct us to replace the ink pad with the StazOn ink option right now. Use either the "special instructions" field on the order page or, let us know your desires in the "comments" section during the checkout process.

Please remember, simply ordering a self-inking rubber stamp and NOT specifying an alternative (optional) type of ink, we can only assume that you are using the rubber stamp for the purpose that it was designed for. Specifically, marking on plain paper that only requires a standard, water-based ink. As such, a normal ink that was designed for use with the particular self-inking rubber stamp mechanism is what you will receive.


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