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How We Make Our Rubber Stamp Products

Example of postal cancellation rubber stamps on cherry wood rubber stamp moulding.
In the world of making rubber stamps, there are basically two ways to manufacture rubber stamps. Namely, vulcanizing and laser engraving. We use laser engraving to manufacture our rubber stamp products. As with anything in life, there's always a trade-off. This holds especially true in making rubber stamps.
Above: Example of postal cancellation rubber stamp on standard, cherry wood rubber stamp moulding. Below: Hourglass shaped art-style rubber stamp moulding.
With CO2 Laser Engraving rubber stamps, you cannot use just any old rubber to take advantage of the capabilities afforded by the laser. Specifically very high resolution resulting in the rubber stamp images being finely detailed and very crisp when stamped on paper - for years of service life from the stamp. We engrave all of our rubber stamps at 600dpi resolution.

We use the best grade of rubber specially formulated for laser engraving that we can to ensure that our customers have the best rubber stamps.

For custom-made art-style rubber stamps, the index is laser engraved. Not only giving your rubber stamp a distinct appearance, but also adding to the intrinsic value as a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

What's the trade-off? Higher priced material costs and fixed production costs that do not reduce with quantity produced. Each stamp requires the same cost involvement whether you make one or a million. Not to mention the initial investment cost of the laser itself. Compare the price of a new car to that of buying a new PC and you'll get a pretty good idea of the cost differences between a CO2 Laser and a vulcanizing oven.

Rubber stamp on hourglass shaped maple wood moulding.
  • Rubber stamps for any purpose

  • Full-line of self-inking stamps

  • Yes! We will gladly convert your drawing or design into a custom rubber stamp just for you!

Why We're Telling You This
Plain and simple, you have the right to know as our prospective customer why our prices for rubber stamps are not as cheap as other manufacturers out there. But remember, if you want the best rubber stamps that technology can give you, laser engraved rubber stamps are well worth the price.

No job is too BIG or too small.
Most custom-made rubber stamp orders are filled within 24 hours!

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