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Photo of petroglyph near Los Lunas, NMAncient southwest indian cultures have always fascinated me.  The visual representations of these cultures that we can view today, leftover from who-knows how far back in man's history, can sometimes only be described as awesome.  What were these primitive people trying to say, graphically?  Did they care that the decorations they so painstakingly carved into rock would cause so many later generations of peoples to lie awake nights in bewilderment?  Probably not.

A couple years ago I happened upon some petroglyphs here in the central New Mexico area while out hunting coyotes.  Not paying too much attention to them at that time.  I returned to the place a few days later with my wife, so she could view them too.  To say we were impressed would be a gross understatement.  There were some petroglyphs here that I'd never seen anything like before.  Being a firm believer in the old saying, "the best things in life are free," made this place even more special.  As Kathy and I explored these ancient rock carvings, we kept finding more and more.  All told, the petroglyphs are spread out over a 7 mile area!  I vowed to myself then that I'd come back with a camera and photograph them for sake of keeping my memory alive with their grandeur.

In surfing the world wide web, I have learned that there is a dedicated group of men and women who wish to preserve images of petroglyphs here on the Internet.  For all to see and appreciate.  Although I do not consider myself as qualified in matters of archeaology.  I support this noble effort and, in doing some research of my own, I cannot find any references that indicates that the site I have been fortunate enough to stumble across has ever been documented before.

So for now, this site on the Internet shall merely be to support the efforts of Rock Art Net and others, to share with you a few photographs and comments about some more of what New Mexico has to offer the world in petroglyphs. 

To preserve and protect the physical location of the petroglyphs and, since it is not on publicly accessable land, I choose to keep it anonymous at this time.  If someone in an official capacity wishes to contact me for more specific details to identify the site.  Please do so.  I'll be happy to assist all that I can.




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