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At sometime early on after my "discovery,"  on a hunch about similar rock formations relatively close by, I checked another place.  Sure enough, there were petroglyphs here too.  An extension of the main site along the same cliff faceAuthors neice/assistant, Frankie of the mesa.  Separated from each other by a State highway.  Because of this annexation and their geographic directions, I call them the South site and the North site. 

The mesa runs north and south.  The majority of the rock on which the petroglyphs reside is dark colored basalt.  There seems to be a fair amount of lava-like rock associated in the overall area as well.  I must assume that the two types of predominant rock is a result of general volcanic activity and seismic uplifting of this escarpment from what is now the valley floor.  But here is where my ignorance of geological formations rears-its-ugly-head. 

This site of petroglyphs and rock art resides near both the Rio Puerco and the Rio San Jose.  An area well known for rock art of various styles, including Anasazi, Jornada, and the more prevalent Rio Grande Style.

Petroglyphs at South site... As one concentration of petroglyphs end, a very consistent distance of one-tenth of a mile intervals usually finds the next concentration of petroglyphs at this location.  The majority of these concentrations of petroglyphs start at the bottom of the escarpment and continue up higher into the face of the cliffs.  Although there are a few concentration areas which begin halfway to two-thirds of the way up the hillside.  This may be as much as 150 feet to 400 feet above the valley floor.  I have not yet discovered any petroglyphs at this location which are at the very top layer of rock outcroppings of this particular mesa.  But more investigation will be made on my part, as time allows.

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