Not every web site that you run across is quite as diverse as we are. While you will find us just as serious about conducting business on the Internet as you are. We are real, live, human beings with interests other than just making a living. We also believe that web sites can serve more than one purpose -- besides existing just to be out for your business. They should (we think) be informative, and they can even be fun. So with this thought in mind, herein you will find a few other areas that are of personal interest -- both past and present -- that we hope you might enjoy as well, while you're here visiting with us today.


Coyote Hunting

Go to Bill`s Coyote Hunting web pages Being an avid hunter all of my life, and especially one who likes to use the creative juices, coyote hunting is the one sport that makes it the most thrilling I've ever enjoyed. When it comes to outwitting the coyote, the most cunning creature nature has to offer, you can never have too much information in how to increase your success ratio. Here we offer you our knowledge for bringing coyotes in close for either the camera or the weapon.

Lots of photos, but if you find images of blood and dead animals offensive, this isn't for you.

Los Lunas, NM

Added to our website July 1st, 1999, we show-and-tell about one of the towns where we used to live, Los Lunas,Take a virtual tour of Los Lunas, New Mexico New Mexico.  We explore photographically for you, the diverse history of the area, a few of the cultural highlights, and the sublime beauty that can be found there. We also include neighboring towns that surround Los Lunas, and comprise Valencia   County, New Mexico.  With over 60 photos to show you how and why Los Lunas should be a part of your travel plans as you tour around the heart of the Land of Enchantment.


Visit our petroglyph and rock art website!Natural history, and the mysteries of our American heritage have always enamoured Kathy and I. Here we share with you a discovery that we made of ancient rock art and petroglyphs, from what we believe to be a never before documented location in central New Mexico.  Learn about petroglyphs, some of their awesome mystiques, and view nearly 100 photographs from this rare, central New Mexico petroglyph location.

(Added to the web 9/99.)

Aviation Album

Click here for more aircraft photos...A brief photo album to show off one of the great loves of my life... airplanes and flying. The photos here are of three aircraft I used to own: a Smith Mini-Plane, a couple of Cessnas, plus a few others I've been involved with in one way or another from back in my "barnstorming" days.

If you're into flying or just like looking at photos of airplanes, by all means, check out this section.


Kathy and I really enjoy fishing. Most, if not all of our friends do too. Here's where we can show off our friends and some family members sharing in our love of the outdoors and the sport of fishing.

Click here and goto Bill & Kathy's Fishing Photo Album

Lake Powell Weather Report
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