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Mailer's Postmark Permit Cancellation Rubberstamps
We don't just make MPP rubberstamps... we use them!
  • A few samples of Olathe Colorado Mailer`s Postmark Permit #001 - Click on image to shop for YOUR MPP Cancel RubberstampSince May 1, 2004, all of our companies were authorized by the USPS to cancel our own mail emminating from Olathe, Colorado, under Mailer Precanceled Postmark permit No. 001. Since that time, we've been happily cancelling our own mail, every day of the year. In the year 2005 alone, our various MPP postmarkings adorned nearly 2200 pieces of mail that were destined to recipients all around the world - even the South Pole in Antarctica. Everything from business correspondence and packages, to personal Christmas cards receive our Mailer's Postmark Permit cancellations.

Chances are, since you're here, that you are thinking about obtaining your own Mailer's Postmark Permit (MPP) for many of the same reasons that we use one.  To turn your mailings into special, possibly collectible pieces of postal memorabilia and, just for the fun of it.

In this case, you'll be glad to know that we are very happy to assist you in obtaining your first permit by providing a sample of what your MPP cancel impression will look like to your postmaster, prior to actually making the rubber stamp. Just give us a call to make arrangements.

We're here to help!

  • We will gladly answer your questions.
  • Want to design your own? We can  use your design ideas for creating a MPP cancellation rubberstamp that is special, unique, and just for you!
  • Electronic files (if you've already done the artwork) can also be submitted for creating your MPP. Please call for assistance.
  • While we personally prefer to use standard handstamps (these require a separate ink pad) for cancelling our mail, most of our MPP designs can also be made into self-inking rubber stamps - with or without built-in daters.
  • We've even perfected a system of easy-to-use date slugs for our handstamps that give your cancellations a very professional appearance. The dates then are vertically oriented, instead of horizontal. Allowing you to use a simple band numbering stamp to insert the day number onto the cancel impression without muss or fuss.
  • Shop for your Mailer's Postmark Permit cancellation stamp online (24/7) right here...
  • By Telephone:  Order Toll-Free (U.S. & Canada) 877-373-1212 (M-F: 8-6 / Sat: 8-12 Mountain Prevailing)

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